Pudsey Comes To Town!! :-D


So we braved the cold British weather and donned our onesies (over layers upon layers of course) and attended the live recording of BBC’s The One Show , supporting The Rickshaw Challenge for Children In Need… and it was a hoot!! Mayowa got a high give from Pudsey (yes I’m slightly jealous lol) and I think we are now officially ‘the onesie family’ being the only family where EVERY one of us dressed for the occasion … Well I’ll take that , for a good cause n all 😀

This weeks Crafternoon session…

Well this weeks session was a great success, especially as this time I came armed with activities for the kids and nice steaming flask of hot choc and my tasty homemade oat cookies. I did start ‘Project Advent Calendar’ earlier in the day ( and I’ve now become obsessed with my new glue gun lol ) but I didn’t even get round to touching it during the session with all the chin wagging and discovering my new found love for PUMPKIN CAKE! Yep I’m about to embark on a new baking adventure…tasty days ahead 😀