About Me


This is me.

A 26 year old mother of two cute and crazy kids with an equally cute and crazy daddy ~smiles~ Our daughter is 5 and now goes to school full time and our son is 2 and stays at home with mummy full time, while daddy goes to work.

What do I do as a full time mummy?

Well I be a mummy. Cooking, cleaning, bathing, dressing, wiping tears, kissing boo-boos better and playing….all day long, you never stop being mummy!

So what about me?

I’ve always been a creative soul, ever since I can remember. I have quite an imagination, I remember putting together short plays with my younger sister when we were kids. At the time I enjoyed writing stories and wanted to grow up and write books. I ended up finishing high school and taking a childcare course at college which I then decided wasn’t for me and went on to study Media for 3 years. THAT WAS FOR ME. I learnt all kinds of things, print production, video production, photo editing, video editing and more. And I found out what I really wanted to be. A Video Director. A Music Video Director to be really precise. I love music and I love directing and editing videos. Put the two together and that is definitely. where I want to be. But all in good time. I will get there 🙂

I have had a hard few years battling depression, even though really i’ts something that’s been with me  even since my teen years. It’s not a part of my life I wish to delve deep into but It is something that has held me back from a lot of things over the years. Like getting out, making new friends and learning new things. So I acknowledge it for the fact that with a little help I have managed to change all of that and start getting out and about make new friends and do more of the things that I enjoy and learn new things too.

Like baking, I only really learnt how to ‘successfully’ bake about a year ago and I now love it, especially with the kids,  so you’ll be finding plenty tasty treats here as time goes by 😀


I’m also trying my hand at jewellery making


and I am very excited at learning the art of FIMO.

I do love photo editing, so although I am no pro-photographer, I do enjoy taking lots photos (of me, friends family, the world) and turning them into pretty creations as well as memories to treasure forever.

Well now that’s where I’m at…follow me for the rest of my story 🙂


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