How exciting!!

So I started my day off talking about being a stay at home mummy…and ended it with a JOB INTERVIEW!! What a turn of events, I mean I have been applying for part time jobs, but In all honesty I wasn’t all that confident about even getting called for an interview with this one, with me not having working experience in the particular role as well as all the time that has gone by since I applied. But it just goes to show you never know until you try 😀 Now, even though my partner working varied hours, two young children and limited childcare puts a little strain on my chances of success here… It sure has given me a big fat boost and a good start to my week!!  

Feeling crafty….. I don’t mean I’m feeling mischievous lol. I mean Artsy Crafty. I mean I’ve always been creatively inspired in almost every thing I do. I’ve been mastering the tasty art of baking for a good year now and recently tried my hand at jewellery making. But this week after joining some mummies for a ‘crafternoon’ I’m feeling uber excited about what to try next. I’ve even just purchased a mini GLUE GUN! Im toying with the concept of making an advent calendar for the kiddies…since there’s no escaping it…CHRISTMAS IS PRACTICALLY HERE ALREADY!!!!! Advent calendar it is then …. WATCH THIS SPACE 🙂
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