Pudsey Comes To Town!! :-D


So we braved the cold British weather and donned our onesies (over layers upon layers of course) and attended the live recording of BBC’s The One Show , supporting The Rickshaw Challenge for Children In Need… and it was a hoot!! Mayowa got a high give from Pudsey (yes I’m slightly jealous lol) and I think we are now officially ‘the onesie family’ being the only family where EVERY one of us dressed for the occasion … Well I’ll take that , for a good cause n all ๐Ÿ˜€

Feeling crafty…..

..now I don’t mean I’m feeling mischievous lol. I mean Artsy Crafty. I mean I’ve always been creatively inspired in almost every thing I do. I’ve been mastering the tasty art of baking for a good yearย now and recently tried my hand at jewellery making. But this week after joining some mummies for a ‘crafternoon’ I’m feeling uber excited about what to try next. I’ve even just purchased a mini GLUE GUN! Im toying with the concept of making an advent calendar for the kiddies…since there’s no escaping it…CHRISTMAS IS PRACTICALLY HERE ALREADY!!!!! Advent calendar it is thenย …. WATCH THIS SPACE ๐Ÿ™‚
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